Organizational Structure and Management

Office of the Executive Director

Liza G. Battad Executive Director III

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32 local 307 to 308

Caro B. SalcesDeputy Executive Director
Mikaella DagdagAdministrative Assistant V

Office of the Deputy Executive Director for Production & Research

Dr. Claro N. Mingala Deputy Executive Director for Research and Development /Scientist IV

Grande S. Saturno Project Development Officer I

Office of the Deputy Executive Director Administration & Finance

Dr. Caro B. SalcesDeputy Executive Director for Administration and Finance

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32 local 310

Angela Jane M. AndresAdministrative Assistant VI


Jonathan Sam C. SottoAdministrative Assistant VI
Paul Andrew P. TexonScience Research Speacialist II
Redentor B. VanguardiaProject Evaluation Officer II
Mikee MallareProject Evaluation Officer I

Internal Audit Section

Alvin V. DavidOffice-in-Charge/ Administrative Officer V
Ericka Joyce L. MallariInternal Auditor

Management Systems Audit Office

Minda R. DiloyHead/ Information Officer IV
Sandrah Lynne A. RuizAdministrative Assistant V (Nurse)
Thaleeya Mae O. SantiagoAdministrative Assistant V
Lara G. San JuanAdministrative Assistant IV

Manila Liason Office

Alan M. DoctorProject Development Officer III
Rogel M. Dela CuestaAdministrative Officer V

Planning and Information Management Division

Alvin V. DavidOIC Chief, PIMD / Project Development Officer III

Planning Section

Alvin V. DavidHead / Project Development Officer III
Jan Czarina M. SalasProject Evaluation Officer III
Chrissalyn L. MarceloProject Evaluation Officer I
Catherine Alyssa M. LicudoProject Evaluation Officer I
Judy Ann S. Dela CruzProject Evaluation Officer I
Josephine Ira Llona N. QuiambaoAdministrative Assistant IV

Information and Communication Technology Section

Jeffrey Jerome M. BalaoingHead / Information Technology Officer I

local 201

Aldrin P. ArichetaInformation System Analyst II
Kim Anthony S. RamiscalComputer Programmer I
Mark Joseph D. BautistaComputer Programmer I

Administrative, Financial and Management Division

Zadieshar G. SanchezOIC Chief, AFMD / Administrative Officer V

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32

Accounting Section

Cherry Pearl C. RiveraAccountant III / Head, Accounting

local 302

Elizabeth R. ColoradoAdministrative Assistant VI
Angelica V. VillaAdministrative Assistant VI
Mellouiene F. BarnacheaSenior Adminitrative Assistant I
Flordeliza M. TomasAdministrative Assistant V
Elijah Jean D. SuarezAdministrative Assistant V
Roxanne S. AndayaAdministrative Assistant V
Kathleen P. GalvanAdministrative Assistant V
Cherry Queen T. DerezaAdministrative Assistant V
Dewi Marie L. LacambraAdministrative Assistant V
Maribel P. ManabatAdministrative Assistant V

Budget Section

Haydee T. SevillaHead / Administrative Officer IV
Mary Ashley CortezAdministrative Assistant V

Cash Section

Ariel M. MarianoOIC, Head/ Administrative Officer II
Nicole M. AngellanoAdministrative Assistant V
Angelle Patricia DC. BacaniAdministrative Assistant IV

Human Resource Management Section

Cecilia C. AboHead / Administrative Officer V

local 304

Mark Ronnel P. TungpalanAdministrative Officer IV
Amijan T. FerrySenior Administrative Assistant VI
Kimberly A. AntonioAdministrative Assistant VI
Christine Jill C. SotoAdministrative Assistant V
Peter Carlo B. TapangAdministrative Assistant V
Princess Mazy A. GarayAdministrative Assistant IV

Procurement Section

Noemi V. BalaisHead/ Administrative Officer V

local 204

Vivian Joy L. NartatezAdministrative Officer II
Benjamin R. GonzalesSr. Administrative Assistant I
Mary Joy S. FernandoAdministrative Assistant VI
Jayrill John Dave G. RiveraAdministrative Assistant V
Vepearly Gem G. ManuelAdministrative Assistant V
Jerickho James B. PunzalanAdministrative Assistant V
Pauline Gail S. MagdangalAdministrative Assistant V

Records Section

Cecilia C. AboHead / Administrative Officer V

local 304

Helen Grace T. AblazaAdministrative Officer I
Elton Jio E. CristalAdministrative Assistant V

Property & Supplies Section

Mary Lei B. BautistaHead/ Administrative Officer IV
Limuel B. VillasorAdministrative Officer III
Jerome L. MontealtoAdministrative Assistant V
Nomilyn C. GonzalesAdministrative Assistant V
Jim Alvin V. AlcantaraAdministrative Assistant V
Daniel V. MamaradloAdministrative Assistant V
Ray Angelo S. PulintanAdministrative Assistant IV

General Services Section

Eduardo P. DalusongHead/ Farm Superintendent II
Frederic L. QuitanEngineer I
Raul B. Ruba Jr.Engineer I
Francisco V. SantiagoProject Assistant IV
Ismael A. GajoneraAdministrative Assistant V
Marissa L. OctavioAdministrative Assistant III
Rodolfo S. CarlosAdministrative Aide III
Ferdinand B. CuencaAdministrative Aide VI
Elias V. CaymoAdministrative Aide VI
Elvin M. CastilloAdministrative Aide VI
Elmer M. CastañedaAdministrative Aide VI
Jonald A. AlmueteAdministrative Aide VI

Knowledge Management Division

Eric P. PalacpacChief, KMD / Information Officer V

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32 local 802

Applied Communication Section

Rowena G. BumanlagHead / Information Officer III
Ma. Cecilia C. IrangInformation Officer I
Dine Yve D. DaganosInformation Officer I
Coores C. CeloyAdministrative Assistant V
Ronaline C. CanuteAdministrative Assistant V

Learning Events Coordination Section

Khrizie Evert M. PadreHead/ Information Officer II
Camille F. De GraciaScience Research Specialist I
Rovelyn T. JacangAdministrative Assistant V
Cristine A. Del RosarioAdministrative Assistant V

Research Development Division

Marvin A. VillanuevaOIC Chief, RDD/ Senior Science Research Specialist
Raymark Paul T. RigorScience Research Analyst
Maria Fatima R. AndresScience Research Specialist I
Hannah Flor G. JalotjotScience Research Specialist I
Alfred D. SaysonLaboratory Technician
Rogielyn L. PabunanAdministrative Assistant V

Reproduction and Physiology Section

Eufrocina P. AtabayHead/ Scientist II
Danilda H. DuranScientist I
Excel Rio MaylemSenior Science Research Specialist
John Paul R. ApolinarioLaboratory Technician
Joseph Oliver C. LofrancoScience Research Specialist I
Roseline D. TadeoScience Research Specialist II

Animal Breeding and Genomics Section

Ester B. FloresScientist / Supervising Science Research Specialist
Jennifer F. MarambaLaboratory Aide II
Maureen B. GajetonSenior Science Research Specialist
Israel Jerome V. SamatraScience Research Analyst
Yujiner C. Dela CruzScience Researc Analyst
Aaron F. Dela CruzScience Research Analyst
Gillanne G. MendozaScience Research Analyst
Connie Joyce M. ParacScience Research Analyst
Chenny Dhanryll M. GuzmanScience Research Analyst
Daniel Jonathan R. BelenProject Assistant I
Jonalyn D. Delos SantosProject Assistant I
Karl Marvin R. BantugScience Research Specialist I
Emmanuel N. BacualScience Research Specialist I
Paulene S. PinedaScience Research Specialist I
Sherwin D. MatiasScience Research Specialist I
Melinda N. ReyesScience Research Specialist II
Lalaine DC. PascuaProject Assistant II
Julian Rone C. DamianProject Assistant III

Cryo Bank Unit

Lilian P. VillamorHead/ Senior Science Research Specialist

local 801

Therese Patricia C. CailipanScience Research specialist I
Aivhie Jhoy DS. EscuadroScience Research specialist I
Nico M. BaromanScience Research Analyst
Jetro P. MagnayonScience Research Analyst


Cyril P. BaltazarHead / Farm Superintendent II

Bren Kristian DB. ReyesFarm Superintendent I
Rogelio F. AntiqueraScience Research Technician III
Joselito V. Del RosarioScience Research Technician II
Mike V. Del RosarioScience Research Analyst
Michael Vincent A. LeanoAdministrative Assisttant V
Jillian Nadine A. Matias Administrative Assisttant V

Livestock Biotechnology Research & Animal Facility

Randolph B. TolentinoHead / Farm Superintendent II

Production Systems and Nutrition Section

Mary Rose D. UyHead / Senior Science Research Specialist
Edwin G. GonzalesScience Research Specialist I
Charity I. CastilloScience Research Specialist I
Vienna Kristel A. GrospeScience Research Analyst
Phoebe Lyndia T. LlantadaScience Research Specialist II
Julito M. Gacelis Jr.Farm Worker II

Biosafety and Environment Section

Ma. Wynne A. PagaduanHead / Training Specialist III
Lawrence BelotindosScience Research Specialist I
Owen Isaac Bernard A. OracionScience Research Specialist I
Joyce Anne G. RuizScience Research Analyst
Gabriel Alexis SP. TubalinalScience Research Specialist II
Charito A. GutierrezScience Research Technician II
Eduardo N. Nastor Jr.Project Assistant III

Carabao-based Enterprise Development Section

Joel F. CabadingHead / Science Research Specialist I

Business Development and Commercialization Unit

Zadieshar G. SanchezHead/ Administrative Officer V
Pauline A. MaramagScience Research Specialist II
Giselle M. SacupasoFinancial Analyst

Processing and Marketing Unit

Joel F. CabadingHead / Science Research Specialist I

Warren T. DasigPlant Engineer
Marivic A. OrgeScience Research Specialist I
Jeraldin S. TorresMarketing Manager
Irish Pearl DC. Miranda Laboratory Assistant
Katherine P. BatanganQuality Control Officer
Jefferson F. DominguezDriver

Socio-Economics and Policy Section

Estella P. ValienteOIC, Head / Science Research Specialist II
Armie M. MolinaScience Research Specialist I
Miccaela N. AlfonsoEnumerator
Marijo G. CapalosEnumerator
Sharmaine N. MercaderAdministrative Assistant II

Product Development & Innovation Section

Patrizia Camille O. SaturnoHead/ Science Research Specialist II

Teresita M. BaltazarScience Research Specialist I
Kyrene Y. Abad Science Research Specialist I
Dan Lowie B. DacanayScience Research Specialist I
Gerald E. RamosScience Research Specialist I
Jenica DC. SalazarScience Research Analyst
Mar Kristoffer V. DelizoAdministrative Assisttant V

Livestock Biotechbology Center

Marvin A. VillanuevaCenter Chief / Senior Science Research Specialist

Jim Andreus V. MangahasScience Research Specialist I
Arren Christian M. De GuiaScience Research Specialist I
Joel A. Miguel Jr.Science Research Specialist I
Anne Franchette C. AsuncionScience Research Analyst
Marah A. ArqueroProject Evaluation Officer I
Maryson Sarah F. BulaongProject Assistant IV

Regional Centers

PCC at Mariano Marcos State University
Dir. Grace Marjorie R. Recta
Mobile Number: 0927 965 5724
Location: Batac, Ilocos Norte

PCC at Cagayan State University
Dr. Rovina R. Piñera
Mobile Number: 0977 806 4930
Location: Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

PCC at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
Dir. Vilma V. Gagni
Mobile Number: 0920 982 9666
Location: Rosario, La Union

PCC at Central Luzon State University
Dr. Ericson N. Dela Cruz
Mobile Number: 0968 853 5754
Location: Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

PCC at University of the Philippines at Los Baños
Dr. Thelma A. Saludes
Mobile Number: 0908 811 2841
Location: Los Baños, Laguna

PCC at Visayas State University
Dir. Francisco G. Gabunada, Jr.
Mobile Number: 0908 895 2461
Location: Baybay City, Leyte

PCC at West Visayas State University
Dir. Arn D. Granada
Email Address:
Mobile Number: 0999 991 6115
Location: Calinog, Iloilo

PCC at La Carlota Stock Farm
Dir. Eva C. Rom
Mobile Number: 0917 115 1975
Location: La Granja, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental

PCC at Ubay Stock Farm
Dr. Ma. Dinah R. Loculan
Mobile Number: 0966 330 2214
Location: Ubay, Bohol

PCC at Mindanao Livestock Production Center
Dr. Cecelio G. Velez
Mobile Number: 09067260979 / 09127844668
Location: Pob., Kalawit, Zamboanga del Norte

PCC at Central Mindanao University
Dr. Lowell C. Paraguas
Mobile Number: 0966 645 `6292
Location: Maramag, Bukidnon

PCC at University of Southern Mindanao
Dir. Benjamin John C. Basilio
Mobile Number: 0917 771 9632
Location: Kabacan, North Cotabato