Topic: Caribao stomach magnets?

Steve here from USA.  I'm curious, farmers in the US routinely make their cows (we don't have carabao here) swallow stomach magnets since ruminants don't "feel" when they eat, and a nail or piece of steel will often be swallowed.  The stomach magnet (search google images) grabs onto nails, screws and protects the bovine from "hardware disease."  The magnet holds the nail/screw and prevents movement to the next stomach where the item might puncture the stomach causing peritonitis.

My wife is from Negros Orientale/Cebu and I've traveled in Bohal, and she says that often carabao die of unknown reasons.

Might someone enlighten me?  Perhaps carabao are different, or is hardware disease an issue that many do not know about?



Re: Caribao stomach magnets?

Hi Steve. Sorry for a very late reply. Yes, we also encounter hardware disease in carabaos, but the object ingested is usually nonmetal like ropes or twines. So, currently, we don't use magnets but we are aware of the said technology. Many thanks.